Exploring the Hype and History

Female and male cannabis plants

Cannabis (marijuana) has been cultivated for thousands of centuries for clothing, food, rope and medicine.

What if our culture understood the vast variety of practical uses for this functional plant?  Would you be open to alter your view point if you understood the facts about marijuana?

Like it or not, the revival of marijuana (i.e. cannabis) is well on it’s way into main stream conversation. The challenge is sorting through the layers of myth, rumor  propaganda and outright un-truths.

We hear about “pot” stores, we read about legalization and we see documentaries about the cultivation of hemp.  The pop culture of marijuana in our movies has had decades of spotlight reflecting the social issues.

There are pot smoking cancer patients who claim to be healed and people who use it are still clogging our criminal justice system.

But what does it all mean to you and the ones you love?

I research cannabis topics

and bring to you the fascinating stories of science, industrial intrigue, political dynamics and healing potential.

The Hidden History of Hemp, The Leaf and Law, Ganja Around the Globe and Menace or Medicine are featured themes to share the truths of social influence cannabis has wielded for centuries.  So, whether you “toke” or “never inhaled” I believe you will be as intrigued as I am by the truth.

My intention is to give you the facts; expose the dots so that you can make your own connections.  I then encourage you to conduct your own Cannabis Conversations with knowledge.

As you read, you might think of people that may be
interested in these stories.  Please share them ~ Thanks!

Peace and Prosperity,
Shawn DeNae

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