Don’t Worry ~ Be Hempy

Hemp – The Workhorse of the Marijuana World –

Cannabis Sativa L. is the botanist term for marijuana in it’s many forms.  It is related botanically to hops.  Underneath this large umbrella lies the misunderstood Hemp plant.

It’s cousins, Indica and Sativa, are the culprits of the stoned stereotype of a marijuana user but the majestic hemp plant couldn’t get you high if you smoked a whole plant!

That’s right, the industrial hemp plant has such insignificant levels of THC, the psychoactive chemical that makes one stoned, that we would not find it among the connoisseur varieties on medical marijuana shelves.
But it is still vilified by the uninformed; guilt by association.

Hemp hurds, fibers and seeds are usedto make  a long list of resourceful products:  textiles, cordage, construction products, paper, packaging, furniture, electrical and automotive products, paints, sealants, plastics and polymers, lubricants, fuel, biomass products, compost, lotions, soaps, and food.

But in the US, we can’t legally grow the crops to fuel these world wide needs.  In fact, US hemp farmers face great risk of federal prosecution.

Hemp Use Diagram

Multiple uses for the functional hemp plan

  • According to Nutiva®, a hemp foods product company founded by John W. Roulac, a long time hemp advocate, the hemp seed is packed with Omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Hempcrete is a relatively new product used in building houses outside the US.  Because it is carbon negative, it actually absorbs green house gases from the atmosphere!
  • A German company, Greenhouse, is reported as making a biodegradable rigid plastic from hemp pulp.
  • Hemp Shield™ is a Eugene, Oregon company that produces a superior wood sealant and deck coating.
  • The Hempfest organizers in Seattle just opened Hempfest Central and are stocking their shelves with resourceful hemp products.
  • The raw food movement is also clamoring to figure out how to get nutritious marijuana leaves into consumer friendly non-psychoactive products.

Don’t Worry ~ Be Hempy!
The US Navy budgeted $50,000 to buy American hemp in 1843
and with progressive legislation we could put
American’s back to work in a healthy hemp industry. 

You can buy hemp products in the US and I encourage you to do so and support the global industry.  Until we change our archaic laws in the US and can call it homegrown, we must rely upon Canada and other progressive countries to supply hemp.

Peace and Prosperity,
Shawn DeNae


About Shawn DeNae

“I have known from an early age that I was created to thrive on what nature has provided to stay healthy and vibrant. I believe that when main street America understands the relationship between our human race and that of medicinal plants we will be healthier and happier beings. The history of cannabis fascinates me and I know this knowledge will help others. That’s what fuels me to step forth and be a woman’s voice to help educate the nation during lively conversations and featured stories so that indoctrinated minds might open to fresh view points.”
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