The Face of the Drug Cartel

in America is a white dude.

Face of American Cartel is WhiteThe Mexican term “marijuana”

was circulated in the 1930’s to vilify the plant and redirect the source to the Hispanic countries, which continues to be a popular belief today.

The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 marks the slide to the underground trade since many North American farmers (some of whom were given seeds by the US government) valued their cannabis crops too much and didn’t go away; they just got hard to find.  And they had families, who had families, who’s grown children now know a whole lot about growing cannabis.

I suspect, most of the marijuana being smoked
in our country is grown in our country by white guys!

(I hesitate to  stereotype but I must to make the point clear.)

The politicians and news media continue to beat the drum that we have to fight off The Mexican Drug Cartel Gangs.  Put The Mexican Drug Cartel Gangs in jail.  Take the money away from The Mexican Drug Cartel Gangs.  Which has merit but it’s not the whole story.

There is an entire sub-culture of North America that has kept the craft alive.

They have cleverly hidden among us as businessmen, teachers, tradesmen; every day working class Joes looking to save a buck by growing their own or earn a buck or two supplying their close friends with their harvests.

Some are downright professionals

and have made their living in the all cash cannabis culture by growing, processing and/or delivering world wide. They have established “gorilla grows” in remote areas.  They have perfected indoor growing techniques that can provide year around harvests.  They have created oils and tinctures for self medication.  They have pioneered marijuana genetics with the intent to relieve their ailing elders…. or to just get really stoned.

But they have shared their knowledge sparingly, because to share means exposing themselves to increased risk of prosecution.  And they are passionate about freeing the plant while keeping themselves free.

Now that medical marijuana legalization is on the books in 20 States (as of this writing) and two states have decreed it legal for recreational use, the landscape is changing.

Map-of-US-state-cannabis-laws  CLICK HERE for details

United States cannabis laws.
Lt Green: States with medical cannabis laws
Med. Green: States with decriminalization laws
Dark Green: States with both
Purple: State with legalized cannabis

I hope the door of welcome is open for the tenacious pioneers of this underground world to step forth and become the teachers and leaders they have earned the right to be.  Most importantly, I hope the ones that have diligently kept the plant alive are brave enough to trust legalization will work and step through that door.

Trust is the new currency and those that can make that step will be valuable resources in the legal marijuana era.

Peace and Prosperity,
Shawn DeNae



About Shawn DeNae

“I have known from an early age that I was created to thrive on what nature has provided to stay healthy and vibrant. I believe that when main street America understands the relationship between our human race and that of medicinal plants we will be healthier and happier beings. The history of cannabis fascinates me and I know this knowledge will help others. That’s what fuels me to step forth and be a woman’s voice to help educate the nation during lively conversations and featured stories so that indoctrinated minds might open to fresh view points.”
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