Marijuana Understood

Have a cannabis conversation!

marijuana in flowerWhy is this demonized plant the hot topic that it is?

Is it a medicine? Or is it the menace that many parents fear?

A Cannabis Conversation will help you discover the complex relationship between mankind and this ancient herb.

I will dig deeply into the hidden history of ganja, the science of it’s healing properties, the influence on the American Revolution and the modern era of prohibition.

You will discover medical marijuana research studies and how the findings might apply to ones you love.

I will talk with legislators and law makers, legal professionals, hands on medical marijuana practitioners and the patients they serve to bring you the stories that will help you understand this amazing and functional weed.

No matter the topic of conversation; agricultural, economical, industrial, medicinal, nutritional, environmental, social, sexual, legal and, of  course, criminal; there is a conversation to be had revolving around the prolific cannabis plant.

Field of Hemp

“I have known from an early age that our creator gave us what we need to stay healthy and vibrant. I believe that when main street America understands the relationship between our human race and that of medicinal plants then we will be healthier and happier beings. I have the drive to be the woman from middle America who can help galvanize opposing sides in non-controversial conversations about marijuana so that closed minds might open to fresh view points.”

Whether you “toke” or “never in-hale” a Cannabis Conversation will shed light into the closet from which cannabis is again emerging and give you the knowledge to have your own cannabis conversations.

Peace and Prosperity,
Shawn DeNae





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