Mess with Your Pain, Not Your Brain

Inflamed Joints - Shawn Denae

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the animal kingdom’s nervous systems, from the earthworm to man and his best friend. They help turn down the heat of inflammation.

We understand; it’s kind of like decaf coffee or near beer – What’s the point?

However, there is a real demand for natural pain relief and most do not want to be stoned dawn to dusk. The cannabis plant is so very versatile that it can sooth us and the ones we love, including pets, in gentle and effective ways without the high.

Properly compounded cannabis infused topicals go right where it hurts. Topicals can help relieve inflammation, provide antiseptic (kills bacteria) and analgesic (numbing) benefits but they won’t get a brother buzzed.

Science is discovering why.

PainfromtheBrain-ShawnDeNaeGroundbreaking work funded by the US government in the late 1980’s at the St. Louis School of Medicine found highly sensitive receptors in our brain, throughout our immune system and prevalent just below the surface of our skin that favorably respond to the compounds in cannabis.

Researchers dubbed these receptors CB1 (brain) and CB2 (body) receptors and they are part of the endo (internal) cannabinoid system.

This molecular signaling system is crucial for regulating how we experience life; sleep, mood, metabolism, pain, desire, etc. are all under its influence. Its neurotransmitters are the only ones known that give feedback to help normalize overstimulated nerves. When exposed to cannabis they trigger a cascade of natural biological signals that put the brakes on chronically active nerves.

Cannibinoids act like a key in a lock to turn down inflammatory response and allow the body’s cells to relax and return to normal healthy function.

Two personal examples:

LegPain-ShawnDeNae1) I clobbered my shin and it immediately began to swell and bruise. I sprayed on a cannabis topical and within minutes the purple welt began to subside giving me pain relief without an ugly lump.

2) I observed over several months a small patch of rose colored growth on my chest. It was odd shaped, hurt and was getting bigger. I smeared a cannabis poultice on it which tingled and within 36 hours, it scabbed over and soon flaked off, giving me peace of mind.

Topically applied cannabis products communicate with the CB2 receptors and can help immensely where there is pain and inflammation. Giving you a choice of relief without the high and no adverse side effects of pharmaceutical drugs makes topical cannabis a cross-over product that connects us no matter our politics.

About Shawn DeNae

“I have known from an early age that I was created to thrive on what nature has provided to stay healthy and vibrant. I believe that when main street America understands the relationship between our human race and that of medicinal plants we will be healthier and happier beings. The history of cannabis fascinates me and I know this knowledge will help others. That’s what fuels me to step forth and be a woman’s voice to help educate the nation during lively conversations and featured stories so that indoctrinated minds might open to fresh view points.”
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