“We Must Change”

says President Obama.

Gun ViolenceI agree.  This recent tragedy in Connecticut reminds me of a young man I witnessed this summer.  I was attending a City Council meeting as they discussed the value of having a Medical Marijuana Safe Access Point in their Seattle suburb town.

The business owner who dispensed the medical marijuana (MMJ) had gathered several of her MMJ Patients to testify before the council.  One crunched up man with a cane and stature of an ancient testified that since the MMJ business had established itself, the neighborhood was well lite and much less late night shenanigans was taking place.  He liked it quieter and he liked to medicate his ailments from their wares.

Another man told of moving his family across country

to Washington because he was going Daily Medsbroke buying all his pharmaceutical medications yet he was not getting healthier. Since settling in Seattle as a MMJ Patient he had weaned himself off of a number of his pills, was feeling better and even though I do not recall his malady I do remember his tears at the possibility the council would close his Safe Access Point for medical grade cannabis.

The testimony scrolled through various others until the last young man was called from the back of the room.  He was fidgety with eyes darting all over the place.  I recall thinking what a handsome fellow he was beneath the self inflicted tattoos and then he told a very scary story.

He was only in his mid 20’s and had spent most of his youth in and out of jail.  The crimes he committed revolved around violent assault.  He made no bones about the rage within him and those darting eyes grew dark when he turned to the council members and said,

“I was the guy you don’t want breaking into your home.”  A palpable shudder went through the room.

This young man admitted to breaking his parole by travelling outside his boundaries to this family oriented community.  He explained that he felt it was really important for us all to understand that the demons in his brain were quieted when he was medicated (i.e. stoned) on cannabis.

The medical marijuana he found at this business helped him think, helped him FUNCTION as he had never functioned before; he had kept a job for the first time ever since getting his MMJ Authorization and smoking his meds.

I now think about this guy.  I really hope he keeps his job, he keeps in society and he keeps his MMJ Authorization current.

Peace and Prosperity,
Shawn DeNae


About Shawn DeNae

“I have known from an early age that I was created to thrive on what nature has provided to stay healthy and vibrant. I believe that when main street America understands the relationship between our human race and that of medicinal plants we will be healthier and happier beings. The history of cannabis fascinates me and I know this knowledge will help others. That’s what fuels me to step forth and be a woman’s voice to help educate the nation during lively conversations and featured stories so that indoctrinated minds might open to fresh view points.”
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