Why Marijuana?

The earliest archaeological findings

Yangshao Hempcord Marked Amphora Jar

This Amphora jar with hemp cord markings was discovered in a grave site in China. Carbon dated to the Neolthic Age of the Yangshao culture.

show that cannabis (marijuana) has danced within the lives of mankind since the dawn of time.  A jar bound by hemp rope imprints was found in a tomb from the Neolithic period.

It seems pretty significant to me that among the final possessions loved ones placed within this burial site was a tool decorated with hemp (marijuana rope).

Now, 10,000 years, or so, later we have, for the first time in recorded history, voted into law rules that will govern this plant and the people who consume it.

I voted ‘No’ on I-502 for legalization of recreational marijuana use for reasons that now seem insignificant and it was the hardest vote to cast that I have ever made in my life!

I discovered marijuana

when I was a grade ‘A’ student, cheerleader and gymnast in my Sophomore year of high school.  During a routine gymnastic practice I separated my femur bone from my hip socket which caused massive internal bleeding from torn tendons and ligaments.  The extreme pain caused me to not be able to stand nor to walk what-so-ever.

The doctors could nothing but send me home with strong pain medications and manditory bed rest for 2 months.  (No physical therapy in the mid 1970’s!)

One day, my school buddies showed up to rescue me with the promise they had something to make me feel better.  They carried me to a car, settled me in and drove for miles – beyond our small town, beyond the borders where patrol cars looped, out to a prairie gravel road where we could see for miles.  We were the only car in site.

Finally, they felt safe enough to pull over and share this “secret” by lighting up a “doobie”.  It DID make me feel better!  We laughed and I defied doctors orders by standing up and testing my hip.  I remember “feeling” my body in a different way and it felt good.  It was telling me what it needed and it needed to move.

So, with a little help from a weed and encouragement from my friends, I got back into my life at school and pushed through my recovery much faster than expected.  And my life had changed; I became a “pot head”.  I graduated a year ahead of schedule due to my continued good grades and tenacity then left my small town for new horizons in California.

I walked away from the cannabis culture 20 years later when the D.A.R.E. program brainwashed our oldest son to feel obligated to turn us into authorities.  Despite our efforts to keep them hidden, he had discovered the few plants his dad and I were growing in the closet.

Then Medical Marijuana (MMJ)

came to town in 1998 with Initiative 692.  I waited for a more than a decade to observe how authorities were responding to ‘patients on pot’ and finally felt safe enough to apply for my own Medical Marijuana Authorization.  That old hip injury now in the full company of other damaged and arthritic parts had it’s ally back!

The many affects of cannabinoids

Compounds called ‘cannabinoids’ found in cannabis affect many body functions medicinally.

And I began to wonder, “Why?”  Why does this plant make me feel better?  How does it work?   What events really lead up to this point in history concerning cannabis?  Who are the historical characters that have both championed and demonized this plant?  Where did it originally come from and where is it going now?

And what really inspired me onto this path of sharing my discoveries with you was:  What inspired the loved ones of this ancient entombed person to make sure they had a little bit of the plant’s fibers to take with them into the afterlife?

Stay tuned!  Whether you ‘toke’ or ‘never inhaled’ I think you will learn something via my journey into the hidden history of marijuana.

Peace and Prosperity,
Shawn DeNae




About Shawn DeNae

“I have known from an early age that I was created to thrive on what nature has provided to stay healthy and vibrant. I believe that when main street America understands the relationship between our human race and that of medicinal plants we will be healthier and happier beings. The history of cannabis fascinates me and I know this knowledge will help others. That’s what fuels me to step forth and be a woman’s voice to help educate the nation during lively conversations and featured stories so that indoctrinated minds might open to fresh view points.”
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